KAUMAN has been working in the mining sector for over 30 years as one of its main priorities. Our lengthy experience enables us to provide a quality product which fulfils its purpose in different mining facilities.


Mining has been one of our main priorities for over 30 years. Our products are adapted to the sector and its prevailing conditions. Our mission in mines is to satisfy our clients in a formal and rigorous manner, paying special attention to the efficacy and duration of our conveyor belts, without forgetting the safety of both the facilities and the people working in them. We are aware that mining is tough and demanding – we cannot change this but we can contribute to making it much safer.

Our lengthy experience means we are specialists in the sector and this is evident in the quality, duration and efficacy of our products. Kauman products are the result of the best materials subjected to the strictest and most demanding methods of manufacturing. Some recent studies confirm that the useful life of our belts is almost double that of our competitors’.

For all these reasons we can say about our conveyor belts: If they are KAUMAN belts, they are much safer.