Kauflex conveyor belt with a steel mesh reinforcement

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For belt applications which require minimum elongation, maximum flexibility, high resistance to impact and tearing, in the medium and high range of resistance, the use of KAUFLEX belts is recommended, with a FLEXIMATR steel mesh carcass.

 This mesh consists of a steel mesh warp in the longitudinal sense and one or two weft cords, also made of steel, in the transversal sense. The cords are brass-plated for protection.


This construction gives us versatility as manufacturers as far as a fast response is concerned, the capacity to manufacture short measurements, etc. and an advantage for users as they have access to highly resistant belts with greater guarantees and flexibility, a lighter weight, less elongation and a greater capacity to absorb impacts etc. than their multi-layer textile equivalents. They are also resistant to longitudinal tearing, which is necessary in numerous fields of application.


Within this range of carcasses, there are standard types with one or two transversal wefts which can be rigid – these favors use such as scoop elevators, smooth belts that are resistant to impacts and longitudinal tearing (conveying tree trunks etc.). An additional advantage is that they can be used in the whole range of resistance and travel of conventional multi-layer EP textile belts. They are significantly better when it comes to resistance to breakage and to long distances, as there is no significant difference in cost and it reduces the length of take-up, the pulley diameters and the electricity consumed.

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