KAUTEX Chevron N14

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When a greater inclination is needed to carry solid material, anywhere between 20º and 45º, the outer cover should not be flat. Chevron belts are recommended for such cases, with edges and V-shaped cleats, as the holding capacity is greater.


Fields of application

Chevron belts with a textile carcass have numerous industrial uses, among which we could highlight the following sectors: mining, ports, primary equipment manufacturers, cement plants, thermal power plants, chemical, iron and steel, metallurgy, quarries and sand plants, the food industry, recycling and glass plants.


To carry materials with a moderate inclination, which depending on the kind of material, the granulometry, and above all the shape of the material, may be as high as 45o, we would recommend using the standard Chevron model “N14”, whose cleats are 14 mm high. This kind of belt, with the appropriate carcass and cover for each facility and the material to be carried, is the most frequently used as it is the first in the Chevron series, and has been successfully employed in all kinds of general inclined conveying.

Cleats are both longitudinal and transversal, V-shaped, and take up the whole belt width.

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