KAUTEX NO RIP. Anti-cut conveyor belt

New product

For uses that require the same characteristics as textile belts but in addition great resistance to impact and cutting, Kauman recommends using the anti-cut NoRip conveyor belt. This is a multi-layer textile belt with a textile or steel breaker inserted into the top cover.


It is the ideal solution when the following is required:

 -High resistance to impacts when conditions are unfavorable on loading. In this case, the breaker protects the belt’s carcass from impact by absorbing the effect of the fall when carrying heavy materials. In addition to the breaker, the quality of the rubber on the top cover also helps reduce the effect of the impact of the material on the belt.

-High resistance to cutting when sharp materials are carried with edges that could cut the belt (such as sharp

stones, ground glass etc.).

-Excellent resistance to tearing.

-Good longitudinal flexibility.

-Installation conditions similar to those of a textile belt.

-Longer useful life for a belt carrying heavy materials.


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