KAUTEX Chevron KS15

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For multiple conveyors with moderate inclinations, up to 25 or 30%, depending on the material to be conveyed, the granulometry, the shape of the material and the angle of inclination, the most appropriate belt is the Chevron KS15, whose cleats are 15 mm high, straight and inclined 55º in relation to the conveyor axis.

 It only has central cleats so that the side walls can be better applied. Just as with all Kauman’s Chevron belts, the cleats on the KS15 model are hot moulded with the corresponding pressure, which means it is impossible for them to come loose, as they form part of the same body as the belt itself.

 The most frequent use of the KS15 Chevron belt is in conveying of all kinds, both open-air and inside, fixed and mobile, and even installed on demolition vehicles, used to spread materials on roads, in agriculture, truck loading and unloading, etc., proving to be resistant for all kinds of materials carried and making drainage possible on conveyors in the open air thanks to the free channel between the cleats in the middle of the belt.

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