KAUFORT conveyor belts with an Aramid carcass compete directly with steel cord belts as their characteristics are similar in mechanical resistance and elongation. Their advantage is that their resistance to impact is greater (similar to that of the KAUFLEXsteel mesh), and they are more resistant to longitudinal tearing, humidity and aggressive chemical agents in general.

Kauman’s Aramid conveyor belts, known as KAUFORT, are reinforced with aramid fibre fabric; the density is similar to that of polyester, but the resistance is like that of steel.

They are also lighter and more flexible than “ST” steel belts with the same resistance, and so they reduce electricity consumption and the pulley diameter is smaller in operation. The clear advantages of this belt in resistance to chemicals and rusting on the one hand and the absence of metallic parts in the composition on the other (facilities with metal detectors etc.) make it ideal for numerous uses in new facilities.