Product design and development

At Kauman we back our CLIENT’S PROJECTS year in year out. These projects consist of proposals and ideas that come directly from our clients, with us at Kauman aiming to provide solutions for their needs. The result is the development and manufacture of a new product.

Do you need a specific design or improvement for your conveyor belt?

We have an R&D&I department that will manage design and development projects of conveyor belts, new transport systems or products with alternative uses to conveyor belts.

In collaboration with clients and suppliers, we propose new product developments and improvements to existing products.

  • New applications for conveyor belts.
  • New conveyor belt designs from specific moulds for each client or market.
  • Design adjustments of ribbed or chevron belts.
  • Design improvements based on other products from the sector or competing products.
  • Alternative measures to the standard.

Our latest 2018-2020 product developments have been implemented, for example, in the port, airport and food sectors.

At Kauman, we can also seek national and European government aids to promote these projects. We were awarded more than four government aids in 2019 in order to launch your Client projects.