Technical formation

KAUMAN SPLICING SCHOOL. At Kauman our technical and training department is available to give certified courses with the aim of providing expert knowledge on the design and application of the Kauman splicing method to any technician, engineer or manager. Our Kauman Splicing School organises courses at our own facilities or anywhere around the world upon request. ACTâ„¢ CONVEYOR TRAINING SCHOOL.

Introduction Composition of the belts

  • Types of rubber and their applications.
  • Reinforcements and internal structure of the belts.
  • Technical calculations.
  • Laboratory tests and trials.
  • Belt manufacturing process.

Belt assembly, installation and maintenance

  • General.
  • Dimensional check in the field.
  • Vacuum testing.
  • Load testing.
  • Operation.
  • Maintenance.
  • Duration of the belts.
  • Security.
  • Checking the status of belts.
  • Cleaning equipment (scrapers).


  • Introduction.
  • Classification of defects.
  • Repair process.


  • General instructions.
  • Tools and equipment needed.
  • Two-canvas belt splices.
  • Belt splices of more than two canvases.
  • Minimum staggered lengths.
  • Hot joints.
  • Splicing process; vulcanisation.

Optimization of client’s belts (depending on the sector)

  • Belt dimensions.
  • Energy savings.
  • Increased useful life.
  • Optimisation in the procurement.