Belt splicing

  • Safer and more durable kauman® splicing method.
  • Consult the design and measurements of your belt splicing.
  • Supervision and execution of splicing anywhere in the world.
  • Design improvements based on other products from the sector or competing products.
  • Have your team trained at the Kauman SPLICING SCHOOL.

Increase the safety and life of your splicing

KAUMAN® has designed a specific splicing method for each of its conveyor belts. Complying with the regulations applied to our market, at Kauman we improve and adapt to each sector and material the belt is going to transport and therefore, we always make the splice that offers the greatest safety and longest useful life.

We do not want our splicing to become a critical point and be the target of special maintenance operations at the installation. A correctly designed and specific splice for each conveyor belt ensures a smooth operation of the installation and saves on downtime due to inspection or replacement.

We have been gradually improving our splicing system since 1983. In our laboratories, we design and test all the types of splices that we recommend for steel cord belts, fabrics, special reinforcements and even staples for lifting belts.


We guarantee the splicing performance of our Kauman, and recommend our design guidelines and instructions be adhered to when splicing KAUMAN belts.

Certified manuals will be included with every Kauman belt supplied, and in addition, the most suitable splicing type for any belt can be consulted at any time online. If that weren’t enough, Kauman provides its technicians to supervise or carry out Kauman belt splicing anywhere in the world.

  • Endless belt splicing. We carry out endless short length belt splicing in our factory in Spain so that your company only has to receive and install the belts.
  • SPLICING SCHOOL by KAUMAN®”. At Kauman our technical and training department is available to give certified courses with the aim of providing expert knowledge on the design and application of the Kauman splicing method to any technician, engineer or manager. Our Kauman Splicing School organises courses at our own facilities or anywhere around the world upon request.