Food Industry

Kauman develops belts with special rubber that allow the transportation of food and meet the most demanding European requirements in the food industry.


For the transport of food: fruits, olives, cereals, legumes, salt, sugar, flour…etc, Kauman has developed belts with special rubbers that allow its transport without altering food´s quality. These belts can be smooth: of moulded edge or cut edge; or chevron of different types. They can be manufactured in color: white, green or blue and are resistant to ozone and weather.

FDA Kauman food belts meet the general requirements and the principles of conformity defined in the European Union Framework Regulation (EC) 1935/2004 and are manufactured in accordance with the “Good manufacturing practices” defined in Regulation (EC) 2023/2006 and with FDA regulation Title 21 section 177.2600 as evidenced by tests carried out by external laboratories.

The Kauman food white belt is FDA compliant as defined in TITLE 21, Paragraph C, Section 177.2600 and therefore can be used in any sector of the food industry.

In contact with food

Recomended conveyor belts

Both for transporting food and packages KAUWHITE Smooth and ribbed and KAUFISH type belts are recommended.

All in different colours: White, green, blue or whatever may be developed for specific products that require a particular colour.

The definition of what products are suitable to transport must be defined by the technical department.



BL – White. To stop the material carried from getting stained (such as when making detergents).

BLF – Sanitary White. For this kind of carrying, a quality of rubber is used which cannot transmit taste or the risk of toxicity to the material being carried, in accordance with the international rules that regulate this kind of product.

BLFG – Sanitary Anti-oil. Recommended for carrying food oleaginous materials.

BLW – White Anti-abrasive Extra. Recommended for carrying highly abrasive materials.

BLWT – White Anti-abrasive Anti-heat. Recommended for carrying highly abrasive materials at high temperatures.

BLG – White Anti-oil. Recommended for carrying oleaginous materials.


BLGT – White Anti-oil Anti-heat. Recommended for carrying oleaginous materials at high temperatures.

BLGA – White Anti-oil Anti-static. Recommended for carrying oleaginous materials which could generate electrostatic charge.

BLGS – White Anti-oil Anti-flame Anti-static. Recommended for carrying oleaginous materials in facilities where there is a risk of explosion or combustion, to prevent the belt from catching fire.

BLPG – White PVC Anti-oil. This belt blends nitrile rubber and PVC, which means it can be used to carry materials with a moderate presence of oil, such as animal fat, cereals, etc. The thickness of this kind of belt is very low and they are suitable for pulleys with a low diameter. Even though KAUWHITER conveyor belts are usually white, they can be made in other colours (cream, blue, green, black, etc.).