KAUSTRONG is a conveyor belt that is highly resistant to breakage, impact and longitudinal cuts; it is high-resistance belt.

The fibers that form the skeleton of this belt withstand impacts better than conventional belts (multilayer), with a resistance of up to 3 times more. This leads to greater load support that considerably reduces the risk of damage to the belt. It can safely transport products such as large rocks, logs, minerals, etc. The above makes the KAUSTRONG belt the best choice for the most severe working conditions.

The KAUSTRONG carcass is made of straight warp thread which provides great resistance, combined with low elongation. This special construction means that it is easily adaptable to troughing and has excellent alignment, as well as being highly resistant to impacts, exceedingly flexible, and light in comparison to multilayer belts.

The special construction of the straight high-resistance warp (longitudinal) threads is combined with weft (transversal) threads that form a compact fabric, obtaining high resistance and the total protection of the longitudinal threads.

To make the fabric we use polyester and nylon (polyamide) fibres in the warp and nylon in the weft; this is known as EPP.

  • Low elongation.
  • Lower pulley diameter
  • Less risk of layer separation
  • High resistance to heavy transport
  • Better belt alignment
  • Resistance to longitudinal breakage
  • Less weight / energy saving
  • High resistance to impact

KAUSTRONG belts are suitable for the most severe transport, and are recommended for:

  • Transport in heavy mining
  • Primary grinding
  • Recycling plants
  • Bucket elevators