Kautex Chevron N25

For high conveying angles, we would recommend using the“N25” conveyor, which has blocks 25 mm high.

This kind of belt is made of an EP textile core, (E) polyester warp and (P) nylon weft, with two or three layers and outer covers made of rubber resistant to abrasion and ozone, suitable for working in the open air.

The construction of this type of belt allows transportation for angles greater than 30º, with two important characteristics:

  • Possibility of placing bibs in the smooth side area, avoiding material loss in the loads.
  • Evacuation of water in the separation area between the 4 mm wide central ribs.

Side walls can be placed in the free zone on the sides, avoiding the loss of material in loading. Water is drained in the separation area between the central cleats, whose width is 4 mm.

Angles greater than 30º